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About Us

The culture and heritage of a nation is the pivot around which it’s all - round progress and prosperity is developed, preserved and measured in terms of standards of a civilization. The ancient heritage and affluent culture of India is unparalleled in the world, unfortunately we are forgetting and ignoring the rich traditions and ethical values evolved by our seers and ancestors. In these circumstances, it is the necessities of the hour to stir the Human mind with the view of revive the dormant social and ethical values in the hearts of the people of the present society.

These high cultural values have been implemented in practical life by our great personalities in Ramayan like Shri Ram, Mata Sita, Luxman Bharat and Shri Hanuman. Human dignity, devotion, compassion, dedication and harmony for all without discrimination have also taken a consolidated benedictory form here.

If these effects and traces of Indian culture are brought to light, it will definitely contribute a lot in the creation of universal brotherhood and world peace and tranquility.

It was therefore decided that the details of Shri Ram and Ram Rajya should be made more comprehensive and wide and it should be effectively propagated into the country & outside India, wherever it is possible. Formation of this website is intended to implement the above requirement.

Special features of the website are:
• Darshan online: It shows the details of Temples & Places related to Shri Ram & Shri Hanuman.
• Saint Online: It will introduce Great Ram Bhaktas & Saints, their articles and details to get the inspiration from them.
• Rambhakta Online: Join the Ram Bhakta community, worldwide. Send your photograph and details for the registration.
• Shri Ram Naam Sangrah Bank: It shows the details of a unique bank having the collection of written Ram Naam Jaap from Rambhaktas.
• Satsang Online: Exchange Knowledge /Information/ Experiences with us. You can attach photographs and videos of Shri Ram & Hanuman Mandir with their details and also the Articles in Hindi or English related to Shri Ram & Hanuman.
• Paricharcha: Discuss on our Discussion panel about the subject related to Shri Ram & shri Hanuman.
• Ramayan Online: This link enable us to read the complete Ramayana online.
     Apart from this, there are many more interesting features like Bhajan download, Wallpaper download, Upasana, Articles & references related to the subject.
      As the inspiration of launching this website comes from my lord Shri Hanumanji, I hope that you will definitely like the website. The comments and the suggestions from your side will be highly appreciated. You are free to contact me.
"May Shri Hanuman, the Great Rambhakta will bless you & fulfill all the wishes of yours"

Thank you for visiting the site.

Jai Shree Ram

Ek Rambhakta
Sanjeev Sharma

Ram Bhakta Associates,
449- Balliwala, Kanwali, GMS Road,
Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

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